January 10, 2005

From The Head

Condom wrappers make up a majority of litter in my neighborhood. They are always in the strangest places.

Tricky packaging: My toothpaste tubes and ice cream containers are getting smaller but increasing in price. Do they think I won't notice?

I've have carpal tunnel syndrome.

I interviewed for a new job. The woman outright told me I didn't have the experience for the position. I smiled and asked, "What is the biggest challenge you face?"

I spent an hour on a train because the tracks were broken. I didn't care because I had a magazine.

It took me an hour to read a magazine.

I really enjoyed reading Survival Instinct.

Trader Joe's organic frozen corn, really is good.

I am trying to get someone else to write my thank you cards.

Orange is my favorite color, for now.

He would slur everytime he said, "australopithecus" and I would just stare at the latte like foam forming on both corners of his mouth.

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