Day 2

sewing box"I will tell you a story if it will help you sleep."

"My legs are pinny."

"There was a large woman that gave birth to a very small girl. The girl was so tiny that even touching her would crush her bones and surely result in death. This made the large woman very sad because she loved her daughter very much. More than anything in the entire world the woman wanted to hug her daughter. She wished to give her a simple hug and pat when she cried. With her mother only able to watch, the tiny girl layed in a small sewing box the nurses had filled with cotton, crying and kicking for her mother to comfort her."

"She couldn't touch her at all?"

"She wanted to...but she was worried. The large woman was very strong. Her strength was well known, even outside of her small town. They say she had pinned five robbers under her one arm and suffocated all of them to death before anyone could answer her calls of alarm."

"Did she want to kill them?"

"No. She knew what it felt like to want and the robbers were just poor hungry travelers looking for a feed. She would have done the same. That made her sad too. But not as sad as seeing her daughter wail and kick. Do you think your legs could kick now?"

"Will we have to steal?"

"Don't worry. Rest and bring back your legs, the large woman can wait."

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