Sully The Champion

I'll fight ya with me bare knuckles!

I strutted quite quickly
Through crowds at the carnival
'Neath fat hairy ladies and monkeys on bicycles.

Midgets on pedestals asking for money
And the crowd's rapt attention.
I paid no notice to their plaintive gazes
My mind lost in thought it seems
On the death of great Sully.

Always a friend to me
The bane of my enemies.
Quick with a joke or two
A card with the ladies too
Sully was wonderful,
God's great creation.

Like a Greek hero his life ended tragically
Eaten by crocodiles in some swamp in Africa.
No sinew nor muscle left
Of that mighty specimen.
Just a bleached bone or two
Sunk in a muddy stew.

I cast my thoughts back through the years now
We were just young men bursting with vigor
Ideas were our currency grounded in muscle
We were unstoppable, fit and courageous.

Chasing adventures in faraway hemispheres
Porcelain beauties vied for our attentions
But we were not smitten with such simple pleasures
With fame and fortune just around corners
We vanquished demons must stronger than Grendel.

Oh how I miss him,
Great Sully the magical
Cast me adrift like some fallen angel
To whom shall I turn when the world goes all crazy?
When bullets are flying and
I'm in a bind or two?

It only took one misadventure
For Sully to go away, food for the animals
God how I raged at thee
When the news came to me.

Another great hero brought low by the continent
Evil and dark it is
Untamed and Untameable

The casket was empty
No body for the funeral,
Attended by royalty,
All gave their thoughts to me
How they were sorry that
His death was horrible.

Oh I'll remember him
He boxed like a champion
Gloves had no place
In his fabled matches.

Just him and his handlebar,
A quick swig from the whisky jar,
Were all that that he needed to
Knock his opponents out with great alacrity.
He couldn't lose a bout, knocked his own brother out.

Oh how the memories well up
In my cranium.
Haunting and damning me.
My failures are plain to see.
There was no way I could save him
From those fearsome reptiles.
How I tried to slay them.
But they were immune to me
Enchanted by sorcery.

Oh! I will go loudly back into the jungle
Looking to kill the beasts that ate a champion
Perhaps I'll die trying, but it's of no matter.
Now that nothing is dear to me at all.

Posted by Pernicious at May 11, 2004 1:49 AM


Yeah, yeah I know.. The punctuation is all f'ed up. But I need to get the words right beofre I figure on all the appropriate dots and squiggles. Oh yeah.. And where the hell do I come up with this stuff?

Posted by: Pernicious at May 11, 2004 11:53 PM
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