Truckin' On Through

10-4 amigos, can you give me a break? I am in my big truck heading down the big slab doing a backslide and I gots me a serious case of beaver fever. I was backing off the hammer as I passed a bear cave. That gave me some time to think about my better half. Now she ain't no concrete blonde dressed for sale but a sweet pretty dixie cup I met up in Derby City.

When our eyes met I knew right then and there I wanted to give her the eights and would even feed the bears for her if she asked. Well we hit it off and she became my first sargent and we raised ourselves some forty-fours. But then she met some Gas Jockey who filled her juice truck while I was going like a raped ape up the down to guitar town. Then she just up and gave me a holler on the machine at the home twenty. That message broke my heart. How is all this hitting you?

Well it hit me real hard. I wanted to find that yokel and get in real good with a knuckle buster. Give him a trip in the meat wagon. But I figure, best hit these mile posts and look for a new mini skirt. Get some of that sweet motion lotion in my mac and hit up one of them rough motorcycle mama's then find me a good mouth piece to stick it to the old lady. This here rebounds been tough and I know you getting tired listening to this tear jerker and redneck radio. So, I'm just gonna take this rig to the next rest-em up and maybe find me a good pavement princess. Thanks for letting this skipper shoot the breeze. Ten -ten and we'll do it again in the dirty side.

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Posted by Monkeyspit at June 17, 2004 11:27 AM


this shit made me crack up.

Posted by: angelina at June 17, 2004 10:06 PM
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