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I am angry. We need to talk about fish. Recently, there have been reports concerning the high level of mercury being found in the fish we eat. Mercury! This is the stuff of broken thermometers. If you were to you break a thermometer, under no circumstances were you to touch the little silver balls of mercury that beaded up and bounced around the floor. Mercury is dangerous, just remind yourself of the special clean up kits needed to handle such a hazard. Now, it has been proven that mercury is contaminating our fish supply. Our fish folks! An outrage! How could this happen? Who would do such a thing! Well thankfully, CNN is there to give you all the details and solutions for coping with this new dilemma.

CNN goes for the throat with investigative journalism and tells you who has been contaminating your fish. That is right according to CNN, industry and other sources are the evil doers. Vague you say? Very vague. This is not balls to the walls journalism. This is diaper diving with toddlers and it stinks.

The problem is that mercury pollution from industry and other sources contaminates water where it is taken up by small fish, which are then eaten by larger fish, concentrating the mercury which then may affect people who eat the fish.

If CNN can't tell you who is creating the problem, well maybe they can tell you what action to take, how you can fight the industry and other sources. How do you protect yourself and family from such tyrants?

Consumer's Union and other groups have been pressing the government to come up with a consumer-friendly list of low-mercury fish, since not all fish are polluted equally.

That is right, instead of offering solutions that would stop polluting and regulate these "industries" and "other sources", we are told to make a list. On one side fish you can't eat and the other fish you can eat. Is this how we should be dealing with our food supply, making lists? If lists are the solution, well fuck be the day when we look at our list of things we can eat and find nothing.

Don't forget everything on this fishy list are ALL contaminated, just some more than others. It's like saying here is a little poison and here is more than a little poison, which one are you going to eat?

Now to be fair, CNN didn't come up with the list they are just reporting what consumer advocate groups and the government is doing to help you and your family. But screw CNN for not proclaiming the solution shitty! Screw CNN for failing Journalism 101. Screw CNN for not afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. Screw CNN for not caring about life. Journalism has died, and if we continue to eat up the poisonous stinky fish fodder they write and report, we are right behind them.

Yeah, I sent CNN a "negative" email. I should of used more curse words.

My email to CNN:

Your reporting is like a wet blanket smothering the masses. What happened to the days of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted? You guys screw up even a simple article regarding mercury contamination in our fish supply. You vaguely claim "industry" and "other sources" are the culprits. Wow, that is some serious investigative journalism. You should pat yourselves on the back. Kick back, have a fish fry, you deserve it.

Their canned response:

Due to the volume of emails we receive, we do not personally reply to emails sent through this section. However, we pride ourselves in making the opinions of our viewers known to CNN senior management and producers. Your comments will be part of the Viewer Response Report provided to our news division on the next business day.

Thanks again for your feedback!


At least the NYTimes On The Web responds to feedback

Posted by Monkeyspit at March 22, 2004 8:52 AM


Well, our drinking water has been contaminated by the deliberate dumping of sodium fluoride, a byproduct of aluminum and steal manufacturing; and no one cares about it, either. Nor are the crappy journalist offering any solutions. Instead, they keep feeding it to us in ever increasing doses and then they tell us that it is 'good for our teeth'--hogwash! No different than the mercury fish problem. Incidently, they are still using mercury fillings for teeth that they know are harmful and increase immune related diesease. *cringe*

Posted by: Hannah Elizabeth Cyprus at March 22, 2004 12:08 PM

Yeehaw! This one brought out my alterego poser-journalist. Journalism is in a bad state right now (makes me wonder why I'm so eager to get into it sometimes). Great that someone is bringing it up.

Posted by: Jamie at March 27, 2004 1:04 AM

Journalism is dead. Long live entertainment for the masses!

Posted by: Pernicious at April 4, 2004 4:54 PM
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