Iran Contra?

I won't miss Reagan. He and his administration set policies in motion that led to more than 2 decades of deregulation, privatization and corporations commandeering of the government.

Sorry to get up on the same well-worn soapbox about Corporate America, but Reagan and his advisors are actually folks you can pin this one on. The dismantling of unions, Starve the Beast treatment of the economy and social programs and deregulationís without removing governmental insurance that enable exploitative financial arrangements like the Savings and Loan, its brothers, the WorldCom, Enron, and the like. Reagan did very well for corporate America and may have done a good number of great things for this nation, as any president has.

Oft the good is interred with their bones and I hope so. Iím sick of this Scrooge-and-redemption shit with dead presidents. When you wonder how your credit card company can charge 35% interest rates (Providian), how so many corporations manage to block all efforts by their staff to earn a decent wage and still deliver massive profits to their shareholders, think of Reagan. When you wonder just how can they get away with it? Think of Reagan.

While I do have to admire what he did to open up Russia and his great abilities as a diplomat with Western and powerful nations. Everyone is telling you that.

Reagan heralded the great era of our nation for the corporation, by the corporation. Our government's concerns with its people seem all too obviously secondary to the concerns of monied interests. Take a look at whatís happened to lobbying in the past 20 years since regulations about that type of pandering were removed and you'll get a good reminder of who laws are being written for.

I know itís impolite to speak ill of the dead, but Iíll tell you Ė that dead guy was a bastard. Itís in the job description.

I just hope half this many people turn out to mourn Ray Charles. At Ray's worst, he might have slept around, and that's pretty good for a blind guy.

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. . . and then there's all the money he gave to any murderous dictator as long as they purported to be anti-communist - buying the rounds that go in the AK-47 that guns down the nuns (yep) real nice there, Gipper.

. . . and then there's all the money he would not give for AIDS research in time

Posted by: Bobby at June 14, 2004 4:01 PM
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