It's A Woodcut Chuck

Cleaning up the old apartment is a never ending chore, especially when you are living in a studio. Excavating through the piles and rubble of debris I came across one of my unfinished woodcuts. I never attempted to apply the oil paints because I decided the cuts weren't deep or thick enough to print a good image. It kills me too, because this was my best one out of many failed attempts.

My woodcutting tools dulled, the soft pine boards split, and the hobby came to an end. I am going to get some new supplies, a better sharpener, and try again.

Posted by Monkeyspit at January 4, 2005 9:43 AM


That's cool. I'd like to get into all that rubber stamping and printing and stuff . . . that stuff is cool. Drawing is such a chore. Sometimes I'll really hit on something - usually, my heads are too big for my bodies or somethin . . . I wish I had more ambition

Posted by: Bobby at January 6, 2005 4:51 PM
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