Johnson Saves The World

“Johnson. This powder could save the word. Johnson?”

“What have we done?”

“The world Johnson. Think about it.”

“It is horrible. We have to stop.”

“What are you talking about…that is foolish. Nonsense. Millions of people could start to see a better future with just a short snort.”

“We must stop. Don’t you see? Why didn’t we see. That is the problem. Millions of people dependent on a product. Our creation. With no problems, no conflicts, no arguments, no illness, man will become lazy. Think of the destruction and havoc this will wreak on humanity. Innovation will end. The earth will be consumed with mindless men.”

“You are mad. We have just made the discovery of the century, perhaps the millennium. Think of the awards. The accolades. The will invite us to dinner. Finally after all of these years, we’ll be invited to dinner. They will want for invites from us. We could get a new lab.”

“I am destroying it.”

“No. You can’t uncreate. Not something of this magnitude. I won’t let you. I’ve kept notes. I will publish.”

“You’re a fool. Your head is soaked with your own personal gain. Don’t you see. Look at me. Don’t make me.”

“You’re wrong. I will do it.”

“Then I have to do this…”


Posted by Monkeyspit at September 2, 2004 10:30 AM

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