Leave Me Alone

Just leave me alone woman. Leave me alone. You're talking. I am not listening. Courtesy nod. Ahuh. Yup. Oh yeah, sure. I don't know. I don't know. Yet you go. Yet you go. Oh please, leave me alone. Is she done? Oh-oh, deep breath. ..jesus, more? She is never gonna stop. Where is this going...oh wait, nowhere. What fax is she talking about? Dum. Dum. Dum. Dum. Watch the body language. Watch it. Eye contact. Oh yes. Uncross the arms. Smile. Sure. I know. Yup. What I am I suppose to do about this? Where do I even come into this problem? Hey, I'm not drinking the bottled water. I had one yesterday, but it wasn't me. Nope. Not my problem. Leave me alone. Time to go. Bye. Bye. Come on. I see. Yes. Oh, that is too bad. Why won't the phone ring. Goddamn it! Someone call me! Save me from this woman. I'm definitely taking a bottled water today. Pencils? How the hell should I know. Ring damn it! Ring! Oh christ, I got gas. Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. No. She deserves it. Keep eye contact. Keep eye contact. Slowly. Slowly. Let. It. Go. Oh, man. That was good. Talking. Talking. Slowing down. Looking around. Smelling. Pause....odd look. Smile. Smile. Bye. Bye. Out the door you go. I told you woman, leave me alone. Oh, damn! Damn, that IS nasty. I kinda like it.

Posted by Monkeyspit at March 16, 2004 2:35 PM

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