Motivation From A Stick

It's easy to think life is unfair, and to lower your expectations. It's easy to find someone or something to blame for your disappointments, and to give up on moving forward. Unleash your negative energy with a stick. Beat those without mercy who get in your way.

It's easy to convince yourself that you can't, and to find plenty of perfectly valid reasons for hiding away from life. But what does that really accomplish? It's easy to settle for less than you know you can be. Yet doing so can often lead to a terribly difficult and disappointing life. It is best to beat someone with your ugly stick increasing the value of your incredible good looks.

The easiest choices in the short term usually bring the most difficult consequences in the long run. So the more you seek a life of ease, the more uncomfortable, the more truly uneasy it becomes. Hit yourself repeatedly with the stick. You are a crazy stick beating motherfucker.

To choose what is best, for yourself, for your world, is not usually the easiest choice. To follow the path of what is best takes commitment, effort, some discomfort and sacrifice. Make others sit on your stick. Rotate them.

Rather than quickly jumping on the easiest choice, consider the long-term effects on your precious and irreplaceable life. Look to the stick, and you'll find yourself choosing what is truly best.

Posted by Monkeyspit at April 19, 2004 8:21 AM

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