Never Look Back

Chuckie!?I have decided never to look back. It does no good to dwell on past follies and flobs. I hit a family of three in my Suburban while driving to the next KAO site. Did I stop? Hell, no. You keep the pedal down, make it to the campsite and party it up with all your fellow nature lovers and your drunk compadres. You gotta live life. Life throws a couple of pedestrians in your path, well roll over em, keep truckin, and keep camping.

My good friend Smitty use to replay every bad moment in his life. The night he farted leaning over to kiss his date. The day his mother caught him with his pants down surrounded by nudie mags. The horrible time when he vomited all over his prom date only to have her vomit right back at him. Smitty could tell you every small detail of each event. He could never forget those horrible exepriences. As a result, Smitty was a miserable SOB. Why? Living in the past. I am not saying don't learn from the past. Just don't relive it. Shit happens, shit will happen again. Forget that shit, because there is new shit your gonna have to deal with in your life.

Posted by Monkeyspit at May 9, 2004 9:23 PM

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