On Pretty Comments

Pretty comments from a pretty mind. Did I say pretty? I meant petty.

On Movies
Jimmy Fallon an Queen Latifah in a movie so bad and ill conceived the best title they could come up with is….Taxi. I can’t wait for the sequel…Ferry.

Grayson. The greatest movie never made. After watching what I thought was a trailer and spreading the news of this great epic battle to revenge the death of our beloved Batman. I find out it is a FAN film. Somebody in Hollywood better open their eyes and give this guy a movie deal. Why?! Why?! I need this film to show the director and producers of the Punisher everything they did wrong.

On Baseball
Yankees. Thank you.

On My New Favorite
The CTA Tattler. I despise public transportation. More than anything, I despise subways. They are usually dirty, full of malcontents, and rob control over valuable minutes of my life. This sites reports on the conidtion that is the Chicago Transit Authority. You got a bad case of the CTA? You’ll love this gem.

On Evanston
Evanston is the posh exclusive northern suburb of Chicago. In Evanston, they raise the fees to hundreds of dollars to keep the Chicago riff-raff off their public beaches, they enforce a curfew to keep youth off the streets, and their main concern is saving their elm trees. You've got it good if the only thing you have to worry about are your elms. Maybe they could get Evanston born John Cusack to spearhead their campaign.

On The Guy In The Restroom
Hey, buddy, way to keep pissing on the floor instead of the urinal. Thanks for keeping it real during my otherwise sheltered imaginary day.

Posted by Monkeyspit at September 1, 2004 1:14 PM