I'll never be fully realized."Shut the racket off Wrench."
"Leave it on."
"It's beautiful isn't it."
"Do you think we'll be reborn?"
"To play pianos?"
"To lead better lives."
"This ain't so bad...we can do what we want...we got the gun. Everyone leaves us alone."
"I don't want to be left alone."
"Gimme a cigarette."
"Here I got one shorty left."
"Suicide. You could always try suicide...but then you don't know do you! Do you! Whether you come back or not. You don't know."
"You'll come back."
"Haha..yeah as a dick."
"No. Better. You come back better. Smoke and eat. We need to keep moving."
"They wouldn't be so lucky you know. To come back...they look like they were tortured. To leave hell and then come back. No. It doesn't get better."
"Eh. Let's just get out of here. We've got to find her."

Posted by Monkeyspit at April 3, 2004 8:19 PM

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